LNG Plant Critical Rotating Equipment Life Extension

About This Project

Our Customer conducted a Plant Integrity, Reliability and Remaining Life study for its LNG plant. The study covered high criticality process Rotating Equipment along with Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine generators.

The equipment under review, were suspected to be at or close to its end of life by 2020. The Company’s future requirements for the equipment formed the basis of a holistic approach of the subject equipment in the environment it operates.

The RLA study comprised of 11 units: 1 gas turbine, 6 steam turbines, 4 centrifugal compressors and 3 generators.

The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) scope was to carry out a Remnant Life Assessment of their respective equipment; MACH10’s role was to analyse and test the study done by the OEMs (i.e. assumptions, data methodology, data gathering, analysis, conclusions, etc.), and, in addition, to provide its motivated comments and  further recommendations.

The recommendations were grouped in several classes based on originator (OEM or MACH10), action required (Inspect, Investigate, Replace, Repair, Upgrade, Care & Maintain), timing (Immediate, Short Term (< 3 years), Long Term – at next major overhaul), and discipline involved. Each of them have been reviewed by MACH10 and marked as “Supported” or “Not supported” with relevant justification, and discussion, with the Customer, in a dedicated workshop.

For each machine MACH10 generated an individual ‘passport’. This document contains specific information, relevant to the particular machine, which allows the team responsible for it, to understand and carry out the required actions.

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Equipment Life Extension