Inspection at Turnaround LNG plant

Inspection at Turnaround LNG project
LNG plant inspection turnaround oil and gas

About This Project

For this turnaround project, MACH10 was asked to perform the role of inspector on the client’s team during the hot-gas path inspection of the GE Frame 7E gas turbines driving the propane compressor.

In the course of the project, the consultants were required to oversee and supervise the maintenance contractor during the execution of maintenance scope. This included opening of the gas turbine, replacement of the fuel nozzles, combustion liners and cross-fire tubes, replacement of the turbine first stage nozzles and blades, inspection of the remaining turbines stages, replacement of the casing bolt with Hytorc bolts, and package maintenance. All hot-section hardware was upgraded to Extendor Kit standard.


The highlights during this project were:

  • All customer requirements were met.
  • The team managed to mobilize two MACH10 consultants to Australia in the middle of the Covid lockdowns.
  • The maintenance scope was completed in time and special tools were identified to make future maintenance easier.
  • Timely and smooth re-start.
  • Young staff received on-the-job-training from our consultants.
  • All activity was documented in detail.







2-3 months

Technology Assessment