Assessing and Extending Equipment Remnant Life

About This Project

With most plants having a design life of 25 years, a large number of Oil&Gas assets have now exceeded their theoretical life and many operating companies must determine for how many more years their facilities can be safely and reliably operated.

MACH10 has been awarded a contract by its client, an upstream operator in the Middle East, to assess the remnant life of the main rotating equipment on all of their assets. The objective of the study was to determine integrity, maintenance, and operational risks that will affect each equipment in the next 25 years of operation.

MACH10 deployed a multidisciplinary team on- site and conducted its assessment based on the analysis of the condition monitoring data, the operating history, the maintenance records, overhaul reports, interviews with site personnel and equipment vendors, and a wealth of other information available.

Within the agreed timeframe MACH10 completed the remnant life assessment of 350 critical machines, highlighting which could be kept in service as is, which equipment required upgrades or interventions, what was required to do and when, which equipment would not be able to deliver the required performance or become obsolete, and which equipment would not be in compliance with upcoming new regulations.

For each machine MACH10 generated an individual ‘passport’, which is a document containing all and only the information relevant to that machine, allowing the team responsible for it to understand and carry out the required actions.

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Results Overview

  • Immediate Replacement

  • Less than 5 years

  • Less than 10 years

  • Less than 15 years

  • More than 15 years




Middle East




9 months


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Equipment Life Extension