MACH10 services

We help our customers with maximising the efficiency of their assets

Maximising asset efficiency


New worldwide trends are reshaping the energy industry and require oil & gas companies to do more with less. The time when maximising production was the only business driver and cost just a secondary side-effect has passed and maximising asset efficiency through operational excellence is a must for any operating company.


MACH10 provides solutions for asset optimization through:

  • Equipment reliability optimization
  • Maintenance excellence
  • Operating cost efficiency
  • Asset life extension
  • Concept design and equipment selection
  • Technology development
  • RAM analysis
  • Training

Our services

Rotating Equipment Consultancy


  • Equipment Selection
  • Technology Qualification
  • Equipment Health Checks
  • Risk and Opportunity Assessments
  • Energy Efficiency studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Troubleshooting
  • Rotordynamic and Vibration Analysis

Cost Savings and Performance Improvement


  • Maintenance Excellence Strategies
  • Reliability and Integrity Reviews
  • RCM Studies
  • Bad Actor Reviews
  • RCA and Defect Elimination
  • Criticality analysis and RCFA
  • Maintenance Builds and CMMS set up
  • Spare Parts Selection Reviews

Equipment Life Extension


  • Remnant Life Assessment
  • Rejuvenation Strategy
  • Maintenance Interval Extension
  • Performances Degradation Analysis
  • Integrity and Recertification Study

Technology Assessment


  • Equipment Selection Validation
  • Design Development Strategy Review
  • New Equipment Development Release
  • Gas Trubine Efficiency and Emissions Optimization Strategy
  • Technical Arbitrage

RAM Analysis


  • Reliability, Availability & Maintainability Modeling
  • Costs Optimization Driven by Reliability Analysis
  • RCM Studies
  • Criticality Analysis
  • Logistic and Supply Chain Studies

Sample services

  • Gas Turbine Technology

    Gas Turbine technology qualification for new version of Rolls Royce, Siemens, Solar and GE aero engines have been conducted for application in upcoming LNG projects.

  • Asset Reference Plan

    Asset Reference Plan was developed for a $3.0 billion production facility in

  • RAM Analysis

    Recent RAM studies were conducted for a new bitumen refinery in Canada
    and offshore projects on Middle East and the North Sea from subsea wells and top sides to export facilities.

  • Remnant Life Assessment

    Remnant Life Assessment studies and equipment replacement strategies were developed for the gas transport system in the Netherlands and for oil & gas production facilities in the UAE.

  • Bad Actor Removal

    Bad actor removal studies were conducted for a major Petrochemical complex in
    Oman, a LNG plant in Australia, and FPSOs in West Africa and North Sea.

  • Asset Register Structure

    Asset Register (CMMS) Structure, Maintenance Builds and Spare Parts
    strategies have been developed for an upcoming project in North Sea and for customers in the UAE.

  • Review of Existing Maintenance

    Review of Existing Maintenance (REM) study , life extension and reliability workshops were facilitated to improve the uptime of gas turbines for vatrious operators and gas turbine types including Solar Titan, LM 2500, LM 6000 and Frame 5.

  • Trainings

    Rotating Equipment design, operaiton, and failure diagnosis training is expanded to
    clients in the Middle East.

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